I don't have time to package the products? Delivery times? Hours of operation?

Firstly you definitely have time to package your products. For carrier service - (products that need to be shipped) - we do a single day pickup with UPS on Friday's each week at 4:00 PM LOCAL Time. So if you received an order in the previous week, you have until Friday at 4:00 PM to get it packaged. We discussed the single day pickup with producers and it was well received so we decided to make that our standard. Should you want multiple day pickups, that is fine with us too. Please reach out to us. 

If you really can't find the time, there are on-demand services such as TaskRabbit where you put in what you need to be done and someone comes and does it. Ex. I need to box up 30x 6 packs. I estimate it will take 2 hours. Then you receive hourly or project bids from a number of local people in your area. 

Regarding local, on-demand delivery, (we pick up the product as if we are a normal customer at the counter) please input your hours of operation. This allows our drivers to show up with a receipt and gets the product. I.e. growler to-go, 6 pack to-go, etc. No packing required!

To add hours of operation do the following: Login to your Vendor account. Under Vendor Profile --> click --> Shipping Details --> click, you will see hours of operation. This is very important in determining your local on-demand delivery. If you don't put any hours of operation, you will not be eligible for local pickup and delivery. So please add your hours of operation. We stop delivery 30 minutes before your listed closing time so there is no issue with your location being closed.