How to add a product and product variations?

  1. Click on the products tab on the left side of your vendor dashboard
  2. Click the + sign in the upper right corner to begin the process
  3. You will see tabs to be filled out - anything with a red asterisk * is required
  4. General > Add product name > Description of product > Add a few words about the product separated by a comma - ex. hazy, IPA, hoppy
  5. Product Info > Requires shipping (yes or no) > SEO URL (optional) (could be name of product - i.e. CaffeeAmericoco - DO NOT ADD SPACES BETWEEN WORDS IN SEO URL. Instead use the '-' key or 'minus' sign in place of the space. Ex. Purple IPA would be Purple-IPA) > date available for product (if now - simply leave date as is) > STATUS (Enabled - Consumers can purchase it / Disabled (only YOU can see it) > sort order can be left as is
  6. Categories > Check off each applicable category that your product fits this particular product only
  7. Attributes (optional) > Add ABV and IBUs
  8. Images > Add image(s) of your product (upload and click the image)
  9. Product Options > Click + sign > Click Add Related Products > Choose container - ex. 12oz, 16oz, etc. > Choose package - ex. single or 6-pack, etc. > add quantity of product you have > SKU and UPC (optional for your quick search) > Stock Status (in-stock, etc.) > fill out length, width, height and weight as if it were being shipped (stand on a scale solo and then with the product boxed in hand as an example) > Enable product if ready to be shipped - keep it disabled if you aren't ready (can be changed at any time in your dashboard)
  10. IF YOU HAVE variations to your product (i.e. 22oz and 6 pack and 4 pack, etc) after you have added the first variation of the product and filled out the information required, click on the the orange 'Add Product Options' and add the required variation info listed in #9 above
  11. HIT SAVE IN THE UPPER RIGHT-HAND CORNER. THE ORANGE SQUARE THAT LOOKS LIKE COMPUTER DISK. If you don't hit save after adding a product - the product will disappear into never-never land. So please simply hit save. 
  12. Rinse and repeat with each item you would like to list

 How to Add a Product - Walkthrough