I have registered as a vendor, now what?

First, thanks so much for registering. Welcome to Bevv.co.

Go to https://bevv.co and in the footer, you will see 'vendor login'. Or simply click this link and you will be taken to the vendor login page: https://shop.bevv.co/vendorpanel/ Click that and it will bring you to the following where you will log in with your USERNAME and PASSWORD (not your email). If you forgot your username simply click 'forgot username'. 


Once you have logged in you will be taken to your vendor dashboard. On the left-hand side under 'vendor profile' simply fill in the blanks. Anything with an asterisk is required. Your return policy is also required. A member's first and last name and date of birth must also be associated under the billing section. See why here.


At any point, you can add a product. Don't worry about it being seen by the public. Both YOU and US need to approve the account first. So go ahead and explore. Add some products. There is a how-to link in your dashboard. You start adding products by simply clicking the '+' button in the upper right and filling in the info. If it has an asterisk it is required, if not then it isn't. Total time to add a product is around 2 minutes. 


That's it. Welcome. Next steps on our part are to get you setup with a UPS account if you don't have one already. We will expedite the process with our UPS representatives. After you have completed all the 'vendor profile' information you will have done the following: set up a payment account with Braintree, set up an on-demand account (don't forget to add your hours of operation), and given UPS all the info needed to establish your account. 

Any additional questions simply contact us