What are the fees - seller costs?

We only take fees on final sale and charge zero listing fees.

Bevv automatically takes a fee of 20% of each final sale. 

There are fees that are associated with credit and debit card payments (away from Bevv) that we have no control over. If you are selling beer currently and accepting cards you get this already. Bevv does not get these fees. This is a payment processing third party fee. Plain and simple. Payment processing fee is 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction. 

Bevv also charges a monthly fee to build and maintain a compliant 'Buy Now' button on the vendors own website. Our developers will implement a full transaction engine onto your current website as a second location for selling. Your customers will have the ability to purchase all your product offerings directly from your site. This incentivizes you to drive more consumers to your site while at the same time building up your site traffic. The fees vary depending on the features requested and start at $99/mos after a free trial period. 

To learn more about our offerings - please visit https://bevv.com/onboard