Where can I find shipping, packing, and packaging materials?

Bevv has formed a relationship with Uline - a privately owned, family run business focused on the packing and shipping supply space.

Once you are onboard with Bevv you will be registered with under Bevv's umbrella account and can take advantage of Bevv's economies of scale. For reference, click the image or link and add the code to the search bar in the upper right for the non-Bevv retail prices provided by Uline: https://www.uline.com/


The below are guidelines only. Please measure your own products and double check. 


Concerns with regard to product spoilage please see the following from Uline. The list below will get you started and you can change the size and dimensions. 



Regarding starter kits for those that sell 12oz bottles, 120z cans, and 16oz bottles and cans we recommended the following to have on hand:
25x 8x7x7 Corrugated Boxes = S-4588
25x 11x7x7 Corrugated Boxes = S-13289
10x Beer/Half Wine Carrier Box with Insets = S-19769, B, P
25x 11x8x6 Corrugated Boxes = S-4607
Packing Tape (from anywhere) 

The cost of the above packing materials comes out to be $69.00. This goes to Uline and not us. Please pay during checkout for every order. If you bill it to Bevv we will have to invoice you. We are a small Team so we would like to cut out as much administrative as possible. Cheers! 


Also, if you are looking for insulated shipping boxes for cans for your beer clubs or for your brewery/cidery - have a look at Beer Shippers new product: