Where do I add shipping price as a seller? Where is shipping price calculated as a buyer?

Shipping Options

When a seller is adding an item, simply put in the WEIGHT of the item when prompted. Bevv has an auto-pricer that will populate during checkout for the buyer. The seller’s only responsibility is to add the weight of the items. Remember, the weight includes the product itself, the packaging and anything else you may include. Buy a scale - take your weight - then take your weight of you holding a packaged product. Rinse and repeat with all. 

As the buyer is adding items to each cart, the weight is calculated to determine final shipping cost via UPS.

Bevv will invoice the seller if the weight is not accurate (which will happen from time to time). Bevv works exclusively with UPS on the retail sales side. So the rate will automatically populate as buyers add items to the cart. If the seller makes mistakes on the shipping weights, then it will throw off the auto-price population.

As a buyer, the price will populate when you are ready to checkout. Remember that your vendors are shipping heavy products. The more and more products that are shipped the lower the cost of the items for the future. Thanks for your support.