What are some basic shipping materials we should have?

Minimum suggested materials:

  • Corrugated shipping boxes: Make sure you're using boxes that are sturdy and don't have gaps or holes in them. The last thing you want is your box getting a huge puncture or rip in it, exposing bottles or cans.
  • Bubble wrap: Don't need to overdo it, but don't skimp either. 
  • Gallon size Ziploc bags or plastic garbage bags: These will protect the box from getting wet if something leaks. If a box is leaking liquids, it will get pulled by the shipping company and you'll be out all that beer. 
  • Rubber bands: Use these instead of taping the bubble wrap. This makes it easier to reuse the bubble wrap, not to mention it cuts down on shipping tape, which can be expensive. 
  • Electrical tape: This is somewhat optional but good to do. Wrap some electrical tape around bottle caps to prevent them from getting caught and popping off/springing a leak. 
  • Shipping tape: You'll need more than you think.
  • Extra filler (optional): If you don't want to use bubble wrap for padding you can use old newspapers, etc. I try and avoid using packing peanuts because they are a pain to clean up. 
  • Bathroom scale

Professional shipping containers like Uline pulp shippers or foam shippers are the best option. You can order products online from big box players or take advantage of our relationship with Uline (a family owned and operated packing company) and other preferred shippers: https://bevv.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213216817

Packing is all about preventing breakage and if breakage happens, preventing leaks. Damaged, leaking boxes may be returned or confiscated by the carrier. Put bottles in ziplock freezer bags, use bubble wrap and tape to make each bottle spill proof, or use a large plastic bag that covers everything inside the box. Weigh the fully packed box by using a bathroom scale and taking the difference of your weight vs. weight holding box.

If money is a key factor - look for inventive ways to package your product. Remember your vendor wants your product and it needs to get there in one piece. An example you might consider using below: