What if my state doesn't currently allow for me to transact online or ship to other states?

We understand that state laws vary greatly from state to state.  We are combing the laws as we speak. We don't anticipate every state having the ability to start selling out of the gate. Quite frankly, there are a lot of laws that need to change in many states. With that said, there are a number of referendums on ballots for calendar year 2017.

What we have done is restricted sellers from actually transacting in states where the laws are red. If you are located within one of the states with transaction restrictions, we will give you the opportunity to showcase your products online and turn on the ability to transact when the time comes that we can legally operate within your state.

As for shipping laws, Bevv will stay constantly up-to-date on which states can ship out, and specifically which states can receive those shipments.  Based on these laws we will restrict imbibers from red areas from transacting on your online storefront.

Register and let us know the interest for when we take our battles to congress as well.