Looking for one-way kegs?

We have spoken to a Dolium Kegs. We would be happy to put you in touch with a rep. We have seen vendors adding the price of the keg to the cost of the product and that seems to have been working successfully. This could be a good product for local, on-demand delivery to your customer's home or office.  

As a brief intro, Dolium kegs:

- Are a single use keg made from 100% recyclable materials

- Have standard Sankey D fittings, which can be filled and dispensed exactly as steel kegs

- Are the only one-way keg on the market with the critical safety PRV on every unit

- Are strong and sturdy. Drop test data available

Some videos for your reference:

-Dolium’s safety PRV, in action. (click for video)

-Dolium Manual filling instructions video! (click for video)

**Bevv DOES NOT upcharge these products nor does Bevv profit from these products.