How does Bevv differ from Drizly or Minibar?

Bevv has a local, on-demand and scheduling local component for producers to sell directly to the consumer using its key last-mile partners: Bevv differentiates because it focuses on the producer as opposed to the retailer. Anything packaged and/or fillable (growlers, crowlers, one-way kegs, etc.) equaling the vendors entire SKU portfolio as opposed to what's on the retail shelf + swag (t-shirts, glassware, etc.) will be picked up at the production facility and delivered to the consumers' doorsteps.

If a consumer is in a deliverable zone, they will get the on-demand option to choose based on zip code in the same fashion as any last-mile, on-delivery company in any market. The difference is our producers make 500% more net profit bypassing the retail (3-tier) model of Drizly/Saucey since Drizly/Saucey only supports the retailer as a marketing front as opposed to a full-service operation. Additionally, the consumer gets an entire list of vendor products to choose from as opposed to those that are distributed through the retailer that equals roughly 1/50th of a vendor's products produced.