Looking for one-way plastic growlers?

If you are looking for shippable and low-cost one-way plastic growlers please visit the following link for The Cary Company. They provide both 32oz/64oz double-lined plastic growlers at about a $1-1.50 price point. This might entice your consumers to purchase growlers for on-demand local delivery without having to upcharge such a large price for the steel or glass growlers currently used. We are working on getting you all a reduced rate and you will be going directly to The Cary Company site. Currently, listed prices are as-is. 


A couple of questions/answers from the manufacturer:

They can be pressurized, because of the indentation in the bottom, correct? YES

How long can they stay pressurized for when filled properly? Unfortunately no data on the pressurized time. 

Are they shippable? YES

Are they double lined? NO

The engineers also mentioned that in development they did perform high-pressure testing on this item.  The 81.5 gram reached a 39 psi