I have registered as a vendor - what is next - next steps?

Thank you for registering and being part of the Bevv Team. We are excited to have you. 

Upon registration completion, you received the following image on your screen:


There are a few steps that we need to do to get you up and running and they are as follows:

  • We contact UPS and they will schedule a meeting with you. Please don't ignore their requests as we have noticed it only increases the time that it takes for you to start selling products online. 
  • We contact Shipcompliant to get you set up in their system for alcohol sales tax integration.
  • We will be sending you a contract for on-demand delivery via our signature partner SignNow if and only if you are in an on-demand delivery zone. If you don't receive one within 3 days of registering, please check your spam - SignNow e-signature. 
  • We auto-populate your hours of operation and store information using Yelp and Untappd. We will reach out to you to confirm. We will be sending you a Google document to add your additional products, variants, prices, etc. 
  • We will then set-up a time to go through your products, prices, variants (4pk, 6pk, bottles, cans, etc.), as well as image upload if we are unable to pull your images from Untappd. 
  • If you prefer to go into your vendor dashboard and upload the products and variants on your own, we will send you a login so that you can do that. We are offering to do it as a courtesy, in the beginning, to make life easier for you and to give you the best customer support we possibly can. We can send you a 'How-to' video for your brand. 
  • Reminder - we are a small startup making big strides in the post-prohibition alcohol market and will do our best to get back to you ASAP should you have additional questions.