Is shipping beer expensive?

Beer lovers, like us, are often willing to drive hundreds of miles just to try a single glass of a beer. We certainly have. So when we compare that to paying $X or so for shipping, we think the price for shipping is not an obstacle but an opportunity.

By making our beers available online, we're able to offer you a huge variety. Beers that are, in most cases, unavailable for purchase anywhere in your state, neighboring states or even online. And we ship these beers to you at the absolute lowest cost that we can.

Our Shopping Cart automatically calculates the lowest shipping rates available for you.

We do not mark up any of our shipping costs. You are paying exactly what it costs us for the highest quality packaging materials and lowest cost courier fees.

If you want to keep your shipping costs down even further, consider combining your order with a buddy and going 50/50 on the shipping.

Also keep in mind that the more bottles of beer you order, the lower the shipping charge per bottle.

We also offer in-vendor pickup - so this could be an option of convenience if you pre-order and have it ready for pickup when you get there. Heck, why not stay for a beer?