First steps to selling product - social media and your network.

Send your friends and family to your site and ask them to give to make a purchase. Have them share the experience on social media. Test the process and flow. It’s super easy and this way you get a feel for how the process works. This also lets you troubleshoot and ask us questions. Ask us anything.

Also, remember, you have a big following. Your consumers are your bread and butter. They love your product and want your product. So share the fact they can get it online and delivered to their door. The idea of the ‘Buy Button’ was so you send your imbibers to your site.

This is your storefront. You have an audience. Reach out to them. We are here to help each step of the way. We are building in the SEO that is needed to move you up on the search engines. We are pushing our social media as well and we need to you re-share what we shout out. ‘Likes’ are good and sharing is ‘GREAT’.

Marketplaces work because people buy things and tell other people where and how they bought it. We are in a world of 24/7 social media. Use it to your advantage. Be smart about it. Here is a link about social we hope you find the time to read it.

Remember - beer is an incredibly social market.