Cidery and Meadery licenses, permits, and states?

With regard to permits, you are able to ship mead and cider into and out of 45 states in the US. With regard to permits, you are responsible for picking and choosing your states that you would like to sell to. We don’t ever touch the product. The product goes directly from you to the consumer.

You will also get a product display and ‘buy button’ on your own website with the same compliance.

Right off the bat, you are able to sell to CA, AK, MN, FL, and DC. (nothing needs to be done on your end)

There are two additional free states that you may want to apply for: MO and NC. MO takes 45 seconds and NC takes about 20 minutes. We will provide you monthly tax reports for NC in a timely manner that includes the requested info and we will ping you with that when the time comes. NC is one of the rare states that requests monthly remittance. We will set calendar reminders for our vendors.

We will provide a short list of states you may want to entertain that are very inexpensive - i.e. $25 - $100 annually. We provide step-by-step instruction and all of the necessary information on that state filing, etc. Each file contains the time it takes to complete, what needs to be done after completion (i.e. send in the mail, or file online), and additional information. This makes it extremely easy and time-efficient for you. It also gives you the control to choose your locations.

After you file and receive the permit per state, please advise and we will get that over to UPS ASAP.