Bevv versus Shopify?

Bevv is a brewers’ solution to online sales. We provide a drop-in replacement for your Shopify account that provides a sales engine for your swag as well as your beer.

The Bevv e-commerce solution and platform enables proper logistics, compliance, and taxes that other selling platforms don't/can't. We work directly with your state legislators and guilds to ensure we keep your online business compliant all while helping your brewery gain a significant reach.

Bevv is the place to sell your limited release products because we can ensure your customers are able to pre-order and receive their orders without waiting in lines or worse, missing out on your next amazing creation.

Bevv not only offers beer and cider recommendations at checkout to increase your order value, but the Bevv e-commerce solution also offers up swag recommendations for consumers as well to make sure they didn't miss a product directly via your shop - your website.

Additionally, we will provide you with a second location to sell beer on our master Bevv marketplace so that new consumers can discover your products and it’s an additional marketing/brand presence for you.

Bevv provides third-party shipping partners and on-demand, last-mile delivery so that if your consumers can't make it to your location or are outside of your distribution channels, they aren't left out.

If you are selling beer to go, why not use Bevv?