Why use Bevv over other e-commerce alcohol solutions?


  • Any supplier shipping alcohol across state lines to a customer needs to have the appropriate permitting - this includes federal licenses as well as state direct-to-consumer permits (Bevv gives you the guidelines to get your own)
  • All but 14 states have a "not of own production" law in place - meaning that if the entity that holds the license did not produce the wine, they cannot legally ship it into that state. The definition of "production" varies by state - for some, it is the bottling, for some, it is the actual making of the wine/cider (Bevv built in a compliance cross matrix)
  • At least 3 states have implemented some sort of technology system to cross-reference shipments with license numbers - they receive shipping reports from carriers and sales tax reports from the suppliers. They are checking these to make sure the shipper matches the license holder (Bevv has gone through rigorous due diligence by carriers)
  • States are also cracking down on carriers - since there are only two - and threatening fines or shut down of states if they get caught processing non-compliant shipments (Bevv is Direct-to-Consumer legally)